Residential Services

Spring & Cable Replacement

Let Matt replace your broken springs!

We specialize in broken Torsion springs and Extension springs. Matt frequently replaces Cloplay's EZ-Set and Wayne Dalton's TorqueMaster Torsion springs with a conversion to a standard torsion spring system because of longer life spring options.
Matt can convert your spring system for a longer life!

Let US help you determine the BEST options for your garage door repair!

residential spring replacement

At no extra cost, your new springs will be lubricated along with your existing hinges and rollers.

In addition to having your new springs installed, you will receive a free general examination of your garage door including the hinges, rollers and basic operation of the door. You can also receive tips on how to maintain your garage door to prolong the life of your door and operator and to minimize your future costs.

broken torsion spring More

  • Standard Torsion Spring Replacement: We will replace one or both springs according to your door weight. We recommend, but do not require, you to have both springs replaced to minimize maintenance costs for your garage door and operator over the next several years.
  • Extension Spring Replacement: You will recieve new extension springs rated specifically for your garage door weight. Due to spring fatique in this system and the likelihood of slightly different spring dimensions, your "unbroken" spring will also need to be replaced. Because of possible damage to life & property when extension springs break, Matt encourages the use of Safety Cables. If you already have Safety Cables, they will reinstalled in your new extension springs. If you do not have safety cables, you can choose to purchase them and they will be installed in your new extension springs.
  • EZ-Set & TorqueMaster Spring Replacement: If you have a Wayne Dalton system, you will receive new TorqueMaster springs. If you have a Clopay EZ-Set system, you will normally receive pre-stretched after-market springs that are as good as the springs sold by Clopay. If you would rather, you can have more expensive Clopay springs installed. If you choose a conversion system to a standard torsion system, you will increase the life of your springs. A conversion from a TorqueMaster system requires more parts and labor than from an EZ-Set system due to the need for a new shaft. Let US help you determine the best option for your garage door repair!

Opener Repair

Our most common opener-related repairs are realigning the photo-eyes or replacing stripped gears and sprockets in the garage door opener.

Other repairs include: replacing circuit boards, motors, limit switches, trolleys, drive chains, drive belts or brackets.

WE can repair most manufacturer's openers - Chamberlain LiftMaster, Sears- Craftsman, Genie, Allstar, Stanley and others.

replacing a damaged sprocket in garage door opener

When other repair companies say you need to replace your opener, Matt can usually Repair your Opener! We specialize in all types of "legacy" openers: chain drive, belt drive and screw drive.

We will complimentarily EXAMINE your garage door and opener for other issues that may arise in the next few months or years!

adjusting a new limit switch on garage door opener More

  • Safety Eyes: These are a feature that helps prevent damage to property and life when they pass under a closing garage door.These Eyes send a beam to each other and are located at the bottom of the garage door tracks. If this beam is broken or is not recieved, the opener will reverse and the garage door will open. Often the Safety Eyes need to be cleaned or realigned rather than replacement. If replacement is needed, Matt's installation is $50.00 for a pair of Safety Eyes and the standard labor rate of $92.00.
  • Limit Switches: Limit Switches determine when the opener is done raising or lowering the garage door. Over time the Limit Switch can corrode or have dirt on the contacts that keeps the opener from realizing whether the garage door is opened or closed. If the Limit Switch needs replacement, Matt's installation starts at $20.00 for the Switch and the standard labor rate of $92.00
  • Gear & Sprocket Replacement: Matt replaces many of these assemblies to get your opener back to proper function. You do not need the cost of a new opener with a Our repair!

Garage Door Repair

We can replace common parts that have been damaged through time and usage on your garage door.

Replacements often include worn or bent rollers, cracked or broken hinges, frayed or rusted cables, damaged tracks, broken end bearing plates, worn bearing, broken pulleys and damaged weatherstripping.

Even if you do not know the problem, Matt will find and repair the issue and get your garage door operating again.

replacing bent garage door track

We can replace your bent tracks in order to get your garage door operating again. Your rollers and hinges will also be EXAMINED for cracks and wear and recommendations for replacement.

Let US replace a damaged section on your garage door, instead of a complete door replacement. We replace door sections from most national brands and in your area. Your door will look like new again!

installing new garage door section that has been damaged

We replace Weatherstripping on your garage door to keep out weather and pests while providing a smoother seal and a more attractive garage door.

Cables that are rusty or frayed can break easily and cause additional damage to your garage door system.

Let Matt determine the cause of your cable problems and restore your door to proper working order!

replacing garage door weatherstrip

Hign-Lift Conversion

Do you need extra space in your garage and have an extra high ceiling? We can solve your dilemma with a High-Lift Conversion for your garage door! Typically this Lift is installed to allow space for a car to be raised high enough for a second car to be parked under the first.

Let US install your New High-Lift Conversion Today! Don't let others tell you that a new garage door is needed with your conversion. We can work with your existing garage door and opener. Call Us Today!

NEW Installations

Call Matt to replace your broken garage door opener TODAY!

There are several types of garage door openers to choose from that differ in price, noise level, power and maintenance.
We install both Chain Drive (1/2 HP) and Belt Drive (3/4 HP) type openers from quality, national manufacturers.

Let US help you determine the BEST garage door opener!

new residential garage door opener

Let US improve your curb appeal with a NEW garage door!

Due to the many door styles to choose from, a decision can be overwhelming. Matt can help you decide on a new garage door that fits the style of your home and budget!

new residential garage door

...Residential Garage Door Prices

Type of DoorR-Value8' x 7'8' x 8'9' x 7'9' x 8'16' x 7'16' x 8'18' x 7'18' x 8'
CHI 2240 24 ga. Hollow N/A$630.00$701.00$640.00$714.00$952.00$1,050.00$1,102.00$1,222.00
CHI 2250 25 ga. Hollow N/A$605.00$676.00$615.00$689.00$902.00$1,000.00$1,052.00$1,172.00
CHI 2251 25 ga. w/ 1 3/8" Insulation 6.85$678.00$757.00$683.00$763.00$1,006.00$1,111.00$1,161.00$1,290.00
CHI 2283 Insulated Sandwich 8.07$710.00$794.00$720.00$806.00$1,091.00$1,210.00$1,294.00$1,443.00
CHI 2216 Insulated Sandwich 17.19$914.00$1,060.00$934.00$1,080.00$1,568.00$1,845.00$1,802.00$2,134.00
Clopay 4050 Insulated Sandwich 1 3/8" 6.5$710.00$794.00$720.00$806.00$1,091.00$1,210.00$1,294.00$1,443.00
Clopay 4300 Insulated Sandwich 2" 9$785.00$869.00$795.00$881.00$1,241.00$1,360.00$1,444.00$1,593.00
Wayne Dalton 8300 Insulated Sandwich 1 3/8" 11$740.00$824.00$750.00$836.00$1,151.00$1,270.00$1,354.00$1,503.00
Raynor Relente Insulated Sandwich 13.08$919.00$1,065.00$939.00$1,085.00$1,578.00$1,855.00$1,812.00$2,144.00